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6 Top Tips for Motorcycle Rides in the Summer

6 Top Tips for Motorcycle Rides in the Summer

Are you ready for the Summer Riding Season? Check out 6 Top Tips for Motorcycle Rides in the Summer!

Maintain your motorcycle for the Summer

Differing temperatures have varying effects on different types of motorcycles, adjust your motorcycle as needed including topping off fluid, making sure your radiator is clean, and making sure your tires are in good condition and properly inflated.

Wear Full-Coverage Appropriate Gear

We always stand by All the Gear, All the Time. Ensure your riding gear is full coverage but made from breathable materials eg Mesh Jackets, wear helmets with enough vents to circulate, wear moisture-wicking clothes under your gear, and wear sunscreen. 


Hydration is important at any time, but when adventuring on a motorcycle through the summer heat it is essential. Motorcycling in the summer is quite the workout and can dehydrate you quickly. The last thing anyone wants while exploring on a bike is heatstroke. We advise having a hydration pack that you can sip from and a spare water bottle for when you pull up.

Take Frequent Breaks

As well as staying well hydration, it is important to take breaks. This is important to hydrate, stretch, and get some fresh air. Plan some scenic stops and food breaks along the way. 

Shade Your Eyes as Well

Protect and shade your eyes well, the intense sun over the summer can strain your visibility as well as damage your eyes. Make use of riding sunglasses, helmets with tinted visors or drop-down visors, or helmets with peaks. 

Plan your Rides at the Right Time

Try to plan your rides at the right time, sometimes you can’t avoid the sun at its highest point. However, you can for most rides check the weather forecast and plot the weather accordingly.