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40th Birthday & Bike Raffle

40th Birthday & Bike Raffle


CALL 0363444524 OR 0362311442 TO PURCHASE!

We are going LIVE on Weekend Sunrise with James Tobin from 7am with Richardson's Harley-Davidson LIVE on Weekend Sunrise, Then the HUGE Thunder Ride from Campbell Town, back to the Dealership for the Show & Shine sponsored by Harley-Davidson Australia, Stunt Riding by Dean Ross, Air Brushing from Brushfire, Pop up Shops by Conversations With Tarot, Barber On George and Inkorporated, Kids Jumping Castle, Sale, Demo Rides, LIVE Music and much, much more.

PLUS the all important draw of our Give Me 5 For Kids Tasmania Bike Raffle where you can WIN 1 of 4 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles!

To get a ticket call us on 0363444524. Help us raise a HUGE $100,000 for Tassie Hospitals :)

Then keep the party going with the official dinner, and CT & the Night Hawks playing LIVE in the Iron Horse Bar & Grill Celebrate 40 years of Richardson's H-D with CT & The Nighthawks

PLUS our all important Birthday Bike Raffle Draw :)

40 Years of Richardson’s Harley-Davidson 1978-2018

Simon Hrycyszyn (Richardson) runs the oldest motorcycle dealership in Tasmania, starting in 1978. Celebrating our 40th year as a Harley-Davidson Dealership we have amped up our annual Give Me 5 for Kids Bike Raffle and we are giving away $100,000 in prizes and aiming to raise $100,000 for Give Me 5 for Kids, helping sick kids in Tassie Hospitals and we need your help :)

We have now officially launched our 40th Birthday & Bike Raffle at Richardson's Harley-Davidson in Prospect, Tickets are on sale NOW and the Raffle Draw and 40th Birthday Ride and Celebrations will be on October 20th.

NOW for the important part!!!!

We are excited to announce this years $100,000 of prizes:

1st Prize: 2018 Free Wheeler valued at $40,645
2nd Prize 2018 114 Fat Bob valued at $30,250
3rd Prize 2018 Iron 1200 valued at $16,495
4th Prize 2018 Street 500 valued at $9,995

Bonus prize $2,615 RHD Voucher

Celebrate 40 years with 4 bikes and 1st prize valued at over $40,000

And with your help we are hoping to raise for $100,000 to GM5FK

Each year at Richardson’s Harley-Davidson we hold a bike raffle to raise money for Give me 5 for Kids Tasmania. Last year alone we raised $56,000. This year we are aiming to raise $100,000 for the charity and we need your help by purchasing a ticket. As I’m sure you are aware it’s for a great cause!

Just so you understand what happens with the money raised, Southern Cross collects all monies and is held by them. Hospitals around the state make an application to Give me 5 for kids for new medical equipment and updated play areas for the kids wards. The hospitals provide Southern Cross quotes for what they require for their kids wards. When accepted Southern Cross pays the suppliers for the product directly and supplies the equipment to the hospitals, so no money is lost in admin fees and all money raised goes directly to making sicks kids in our hospitals have a better experience when hospitalised. So the benefits are great, no money sucked out for admin at all, all goes to our sick kids to improve their stay in Tasmanian Hospitals, a very very worthy cause!

Richardson’s Harley-Davidson group of Companies is aiming to raise $100,000 this year. If achieved, we would be the biggest donor in Tasmania this year.

Please help us by purchasing a ticket or 2 and give us a call on 03 6344 4524 in Launceston or 03 6231 1442 in Hobart

Terms & Conditions

  • Permit Holder: Richardson's Harley-Davidson, Simon Hrycyszyn
  • Permit Number: 73610
  • Permit Address: 468 Westbury Road, Prospect Vale TAS, 7250
  • Maximum number of 2000 tickets
  • Draw details - Draw Start Date April 20th 2018 & Closes October 20th 2018 2pm or if sold out prior
  • Results - The 5 winners will be notified by phone call, a follow up email and results will be published on our website and facebook page
  • General terms and conditions - All tickets purchased will be in your name and cannot be on-sold; persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to purchase a ticket; employees (and relatives* of employees) of the organisation are not eligible to enter. * A relative is defined as a close family member connected by blood, marriage or adoption, including defacto partners, but not extending beyond the immediate family.

Authorisations to conduct minor gaming activities, including RAFFLES are issued subject to the provisions of the Gaming Control Act 1993 and to any directions given by the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission. In accordance with the Gaming Control Act 1993 the rules of raffles are as follows:
A permit is required where the total retail value of the prizes is equal to or exceeds $5 000.
1. Raffle proceeds must be used exclusively for the lawful purposes of a not-for-profit organisation or a charitable purpose and not for the private gain or benefit of any person except by way of charity.
2. All ticket sellers must be made aware of the conditions applicable to the sale of tickets in the raffle.
3. A raffle must not be abandoned through lack of ticket sales or for any other reason.
4. A raffle must be drawn within six (6) months of commencement of the raffle.
5. Where the total retail value of the prizes does not equal or exceed $5 000, the total value of tickets sold must not exceed five times the total value of the prizes.
In determining the total retail value of prizes, goods or services being offered as prizes must be valued at the reasonable retail price. The recognised retail value of any goods or services is approximately what they can be bought for in a retail situation, regardless of whether the prize has been purchased at a discount or donated.
6. The price of each ticket must be the same value, however ticket bundling (for example sell tickets at $1.00 each or three for $2.00) is permitted for raffles where the total retail value of the prizes is under $1 000. Ticket prices should be clearly printed on the tickets and/or clearly indicated on any literature promoting the raffle and its prizes.
7. The following are prohibited as prizes:
 Tobacco products;
 Firearms and ammunition;
 Dangerous articles within the meaning of the Police Offences Act 1935; and
 Cosmetic surgery or other similar procedure the main purpose of which is to improve personal appearance.
8. Cash is permitted as a prize, however the total of cash prizes for a raffle must not exceed $5 000. The Commission may approve spending money as part of a trip prize. The amount of the spending money must be stated on all tickets. Open orders for goods are acceptable provided that the name of the business which accepts the order is stated on all raffle tickets.
9. Where conditions apply to a prize a copy of the conditions must be provided in writing to ticket purchasers on request and this must be stated on the ticket where a permit is issued to conduct a raffle.
10. Children under the age of 13 must not sell tickets in any raffle.
11. Children under the age of 16 must not sell tickets in raffles in which the total retail value of prizes is more than $500.
12. Tickets in a raffle may only be purchased by individual persons who are aged 18 years or older.
13. Raffle tickets must not be sold “door to door”. Books of tickets must not be distributed to persons who have not agreed to sell them. Unsolicited tickets must not be distributed.
14. An independent person not associated with the organisation must draw the raffle at a venue which is accessible to the public.
15. No condition may be imposed that requires a winner of a prize to be present at the draw in order to claim the prize.
16. Raffle ticket butts must be drawn from a barrel or other large suitable container. There must be sufficient room in the barrel or container for the butts to be mixed freely. No other form of selecting prize winners, including electronic draw methods, may be used without prior approval from the Commission.
17. The method of the draw must allow each ticket in the draw a random and equal chance of being drawn. If there is more than one prize being offered, the first ticket drawn must win first prize and so on. First prize is defined as being the most valuable prize offered in the raffle. “Reverse Draw” raffles are prohibited. Approval by the Commission is necessary if any other means for determining prize winners is proposed.
18. The raffle may only be conducted with the written authority of the governing body of the community or charitable organisation to benefit from the raffle.
19. A minor gaming permit is required.
20. An individual activity notification must be lodged with the Commission at least seven (7) days prior to conducting the raffle and approval must be granted prior to commencing the raffle.
21. The responsible person who applies for a minor gaming permit to conduct a raffle shall be issued with the permit and be held responsible for its proper conduct.
22. As a holder of a minor gaming permit there is a duty to comply with the conditions of raffles. The Gaming Control Act 1993 provides for a fine up to $7 950 for failure to do so.
23. No employees/office bearers of the organisation or their relatives* may purchase raffle tickets.
24. Each raffle ticket must contain all of the information as detailed on the “Raffle Ticket Sample.” Where the total retail value of the prizes exceeds $10 000, the total number of tickets in the draw must also be included.
25. All raffle ticket butts must show the purchaser’s name and contact details. Ticket sellers must ensure that sufficient information is obtained from the ticket purchaser to identify and locate the person to whom the ticket is sold.
26. All money from ticket sales must be received directly by the organisation and banked into a bank account operated by the organisation within two working days after it is received.
27. If the organisation uses a third party or marketing company to promote the raffle, this must be stated on each raffle ticket.
28. Any changes to the conduct of the raffle after the permit has been issued must first be approved by the Commission.
29. A proper record of the receipts and payments of the raffle must be kept for a period of seven years after the raffle has been drawn. The Commission may ask for this information.
* A relative is defined as a close family member connected by blood, marriage or adoption, including defacto partners, but not extending beyond the immediate family.
30. The permit holder must ensure the following accurate records are kept:
1. the disposition of funds after the finalisation of the raffle;
2. all tickets which have been issued;
3. details of the distribution of prizes; and
4. bank statements clearly identifying all transactions related to the conduct of the raffle.
What is a reverse draw?
A reverse draw is any draw which does not meet the requirement that the first ticket drawn must win the first prize, the second ticket must win the second prize, and so on.
‘Last man standing’ raffles, where tickets are drawn from least valuable to most valuable in order to increase anticipation, are therefore only permissible where the tickets are pre-drawn before calling any prize winners.
31. In the event that a winner does not claim a prize in a raffle and/or the person who conducted the raffle cannot, after a reasonable effort, find a winner of a prize, the person who conducted the raffle must:
1. Ensure that a prize is retained for one year after the draw; or
2. If the prize is livestock or property of a perishable nature, sell the prize in a way that brings a reasonable price and retain the proceeds (after deducting the reasonable costs of the sale) for one year after the draw; or
3. If the prize has still not been claimed after one year, the organisation must sell or otherwise dispose of the prize, if this has not already been done; and
4. pay the proceeds (after deducting the reasonable costs of the sale of disposal) to the Treasurer for payment into the Consolidated Fund.
32. For raffles with a prize value in excess of $10 000 a detailed financial statement of receipts and payments resulting from the conduct of the raffle, certified by the auditor, must be submitted to the Commission within six (6) weeks of the drawing date of the raffle.
The financial statements must detail:
 a breakdown of income from ticket sales and expenditure, including administration costs;
 the number of tickets which are issued for sale;
 the number of tickets (if any) which are returned unsold and subsequently reissued for sale;
 the number of tickets which are sold by the time of drawing;
 a reconciliation of the tickets printed, a reconciliation of the number of tickets issued, a reconciliation of the number of tickets sold with the money received from their sale and an explanation for any discrepancies; and
 steps taken to have missing tickets returned.
33. The Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission may require a bank guarantee or a security deposit to the value of the raffle prizes. The deposit would be retained until after verification of distribution of the prizes.
34. All records in relation to the raffle must be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years.