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Jason's Ride Review: Road Glide

Jason's Ride Review: Road Glide

With the arrival of a shiny black Road Glide into our Hobart demonstrator fleet the day before Easter, the opportunity arose for me to take it home for the long weekend. Fitted with a 107 cubic inch Milwaukee Eight engine and a stage 1 Screamin’ Eagle® performance upgrade, what better opportunity could there be to head off and do some touring! So I hurriedly booked some accommodation at Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park, filled up the panniers, and the wife and I headed off for a few days along Tassie’s Great Eastern Drive.

Now I should point out I’ve never been one for large touring motorcycles as I just couldn’t see the point of them especially with Tasmania being so small compared to the mainland. That perception was about to quickly change. Leaving Hobart and heading up the east coast I soon came to realise the Road Glide was a very capable machine, and easily let the black stuff pass underneath in effortless style. This bike performed smoothly and without fuss, evidenced by the traffic in my mirrors disappearing quickly as this Milwaukee powered bike did what it does best. We stopped for lunch and some sight-seeing along the way and soon enough we arrived in Scamander! Pity, as I was enjoying the ride. Anyway we had made it to our destination, and it was time for some cold refreshments

On the way up my wife had noticed that the seat was not as comfortable as she had hoped. A quick check and adjustment of the tyre pressures made it a lot better and now only the biggest potholes were a pain in the ass! I soon discovered the preload on the rear suspension had been changed to zero - a quick adjustment at the side of the road and bingo, comfort had been restored!

Over the weekend we went to all the tourist spots and enjoyed some of Tassie’s best food and wine. Wherever we pulled up, upon our return we would find the Road Glide had attracted admiring locals and tourists. Some had used the opportunity to have their photo taken with it. They would almost always disperse once they noticed us approaching. Not without us noticing comments like “Nice bike” or “Is that a Harley®”. But as we fastened our helmets and started to ride off they would stay close and watch us leave and listen to that unmistakable Harley-Davidson® exhaust note.

To avoid the Easter convoy returning back to Hobart, we left Scamander and rode to Bicheno and turned off along the Lake Leake Highway to Campbell Town and then straight down through the Midlands Highway. After traveling just on 750km over the weekend, this bike has managed to change my mind about large touring motorcycles. Large they may be but they certainly cover copious amounts of blacktop effortlessly in comfort and style!

This motorcycle is now for sale, as well as being part of our demonstrator fleet. Come and see Jason in store, or call on (03) 6231 1442 to arrange a test ride to experience it for yourself!

Positives: Covers large amounts of road astonishingly easily and comfortably.

Negatives: Keep an eye on the speedo, the numbers climb rapidly!

Pro Tip: Check out the optional seats when you are buying