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As always, we expect our team to understand and have extensive knowledge of the products they’re selling. Recently Adam went away to NSW to complete the Stay Upright Rider Pan America Academy at the Appin MX Complex in conjunction with Harley-Davidson Australia. It was an action-filled day of experiencing this incredible bike in its element. It was a great opportunity and one that people need to experience to see the full potential of this bike.


The Riding course was a perfect tool to educate owners of the Pan America on how to get the most out of their new bike. From understanding the fundamentals to experiencing the Pan-Am in a way that most may not know are possible. The course enlightened me on how to get the most out of the Pan America. I highly recommend all wanting to get a Pan America or who already owns one to check the academy out.


The instructors take you through an extensive program to assist you to learn how to take control of the motorcycle by applying correct personal techniques, making the bike safer to handle and making it react in a way that’s controlled by the rider.


Along with rider inputs, the extremely high-tech suspension and riding modes available within the Pan-Am to adjust exactly what you require as a rider is extremely easy. With the fully adjustable suspension settings, we were able to set up the bike for the fast-flowing dirt tracks as well as the hard-hitting MX track at the Appin complex. Custom making your own ride mode was also a great option to tailor make the right one for how you wanted the bike to ride is a great feature.

Come on in and chat to Adam today about purchasing your own Pan-America, or give him a call on (03) 6344 4524!